Sunday, May 29, 2016

Travel Goals

I have officially caught the traveling bug. Here is my traveling bucket list of top 10 destinations I hope to venture to someday in the near future:

1) Tokyo, Japan 
2)  New Zealand 
3) Venice Beach, California 
4) Mexico City, Mexico 
5) Praga, Greece 
6) Valley of Fire, Nevada 
7) Swiss Alps, Switzerland 
8) Berlin, Germany 
9) Morocco 
10) Cape Town, South Africa 

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Street Style: Hong Kong

From my first day in Hong Kong , I noticed the quirky, cool street style of the Hong Kong girls. It seems as if most people here care deeply about fashion and standing out. Everyone loves to look good! The typical dress is pretty different that the average american girl street style. Some trends in Hong Kong are particularly popular and noticeable. Some of the trends I noticed include; pastel, pastel, and more pastel, sneakers on EVERYONE (probably due to the excessive amounts of walking and public transportation needed to get around Hong Kong), super shiny sunglasses, denim in all sorts of cuts, and OF COURSE, layering. Layering to this extent is the one trend I have not seen done in America yet. The fashionable girls of Hong Kong layer everything! The most popular layering I have noticed is tank dresses over white tee shirts. I have had so much fun trying these trends out myself and shopping around in Hong Kong. I can't wait to bring this trends back home to America!